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Keep Your Car Moving, Get Complete Tire Service

Your car relies on the tires to get anywhere. Without proper tire maintenance, your vehicle undergoes more stress than it should and is more susceptible to damage. Freehold Tire Pros helps protect Freehold, NJ drivers with comprehensive tire services. Whether you just had new tires installed, you have a flat, or your tires have uneven wear, our professionals can tend to your vehicle’s needs. We have spent years servicing tires and their related systems, selling various brands of tires, and installing tires on all makes and models. Our technicians are well versed in tire care, including repairs, rotation, replacements, and balancing. If you suspect that one of your tires has a leak or your car is overdue for a tire rotation, stop by our shop for an expert diagnosis and a complete service plan.

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Professional Tire Inspection, Repair, Rotation, and More

When it comes to tire services, the first thing we do is check the air pressure levels in all the tires. If the tire pressures are high or low, the tires may be worn down unevenly. To prevent tire issues from being overlooked, most cars feature a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that lights up when the tire’s pressure drops below the required level. The pressure sensor is a convenient function, but you should still glance at your tires regularly to ensure they look normal. If you end up driving on a low or flat tire, it can destroy the tire, bend the wheel, and lead to other costly part replacements. Frequent tire inspections are necessary to keep your vehicle up and running.

Tires Services We Offer Include

Tire Repair

If a nail has punctured your tire or your tire is losing air for another reason, our technicians can locate and patch the hole. If the damage is significant, we may recommend replacing it with a new tire.

Tire Rotation

The wheels on your vehicle need to be rotated every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Our affordable tire rotation services increase the longevity of your tires while encouraging even wear and tear.

Tire Balancing

Accurate tire balancing involves checking and adjusting the air pressure of each tire. Tire pressure should always be at the factory recommended level to maximize the vehicle's weight distribution.

Freehold Tire Pros: The Tire Service Experts

Our team is dedicated to providing expert auto and tire services so that you get the most out of your car. A healthy set of tires is crucial to having a comfortable, safe, and efficient driving experience. Neglecting your tires, especially when you drive your car frequently, can create problems for the suspension, engine, brakes, and more. Our tire experts are equipped with years of experience, extensive training, and powerful technology to ensure that they make accurate diagnoses and repairs. Reach out to us today to have your tires serviced.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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