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Congress is considering a bill that would allow consumers access to affordable vehicle repair.

They need to hear from you today to ensure vehicle owners and independent repair shops have the same access to vehicle repair tools, maintenance tools, and data as car companies and licensed dealerships!

Do You Want to Allow Small Business to Compete and Consumers to Save?

Small, independent repair shops should have the right to compete with the large, franchised dealers. Small businesses should not be frozen out to the detriment of their communities and customers.

Allowing these small businesses access to all of the tools, software and repair information necessary to be able to test and repair all systems on modern automobiles is essential to keeping the shop lights on and costs down for consumers.

During times of high inflation and economic uncertainty, Congress should pass legislation that helps keep small businesses open, and costs down for consumers.

Why Take Action?

The Repair Act Has Bipartisan Support in Congress.

The Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair Act (H.R. 906, or REPAIR Act, for short) has broad bipartisan support, with co-sponsors across both parties and several states. But it’s crucial your elected officials hear from you now. Urge them to vote on the bill and send it to the White House.

It’s Your Vehicle!

At the end of the day, this bill places the right to repair directly back into the hands of consumers, giving them or their preferred independent repair shop the ability to gain access to, repair, and maintain their vehicle versus costly repairs at a dealership.

Repair Act in the News

Congressman Neal Dunn, the lead sponsor for the Repair Act

visited Road Mart Tire Pros to see firsthand how the Repair Act would help independent repair shops. SEE MORE

Recently, 28 Attorneys General wrote Congressional leadership

urging Congress to pass expansive Right-to-Repair Legislation. They said passing the Repair Act is about ensuring "mom-and-pop" auto shops can remain competitive against a closed system favored by OEMs. SEE MORE

Automobile Owners Deserve Options

Congressman Dunn and a group of bipartisan Members re-introduce the REPAIR Act. SEE MORE

Tire Dealers: Take action to pass Right to Repair laws

Independent tire shop owners urge more to get involved in helping pass Right to Right legislation. SEE MORE

Defending Local Auto Shops

Congress considering a "Right to Repair" law that could even the playing field for local auto shops with large manufacturers. SEE MORE

Inside the "Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair Act"

Today's vehicles are the most technologically advanced ever built - but concerns over cyber security and other issues are causing the OEMs to limit our access to the resources we need. SEE MORE

Take Action Now

Use the form below to let your U.S. Representative know you support the REPAIR Act.

All fields are required to accurately connect you with your proper legislator.

Protect Consumers and Small Businesses: Pass Strong Right to Repair Laws

  • Telematics” data refers to real-time updates from a car’s various sensors that transmit data directly to manufacturers’ private servers.
  • This data was previously delivered through physical ports that individuals and repair shops could access. As cars have become more computerized, this data is sent wirelessly to first-party dealers and no one else. Traditional neighborhood repair shops are placed at a severe and unfair competitive disadvantage.
  • In less than 8 years, McKinsey and Company estimates that nearly 95% of new vehicles sold around the world will have wireless data transmission capabilities.
  • If they cannot repair or maintain their vehicles at non-car dealerships, consumers will pay more for their car repairs and thousands of small businesses will suffer.
  • In 2020, Massachusetts overwhelmingly passed a law requiring that, by model year 2022, manufacturers that sell vehicles with telematics systems must outfit them with a standardized, open data platform. The purpose of the law was to ensure vehicle data is directly accessible to owners and independent repairers, affording them the ability to pull important mechanical data and run diagnostics.
  • The Massachusetts law was designed to restore a level playing field in the automotive repair and maintenance market. Unfortunately, it is tied up in litigation and will not provide any relief for most Americans.
  • In May 2021, the FTC released a report supporting expanding consumer repair options and found “scant evidence” for the repair restrictions imposed by original equipment manufacturers.
  • Consumers should have the right and option to repair their vehicles where it is convenient and cost effective.
  • Independent businesses should have the certainty and ability to repair vehicles and supply parts now and in the future.
  • According to the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, currently 70% of vehicles are maintained at independent repair facilities.
  • Tire Pros retail locations are small businesses averaging 10 employees each, that provide automotive services including tire repair and replacement as well as automotive repair. There are more than 600 locations nationwide, employing over 6,000 across the network.


Congress needs to enact legislation that would preserve consumer access to affordable vehicle repair. Such legislation must ensure that vehicle owners and independent repair shops have equal access torepair and maintenance tools and data as car companies and licensed dealerships. Congress should pass the REPAIR Act, H.R. 906.

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