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Top 5 Warning Signs Of A Bad Auto Repair Service

Sadly, many of us just don’t trust our auto repair shops. We think of going to the mechanic as an experience where we are overcharged, the workmanship is poor, and you just never know if you’re being taken advantage of. If you aren’t sure whether your auto repair service is up to scratch, we have some handy tips to help you figure it out!

1. Routine Results in Disorder
If you have visited your mechanic for a simple oil change and it has turned into a giant affair… then, you might have a problem. Especially if it happens every time you visit. In these types of cases, you should always seek a second opinion. You should ask your mechanic to fully explain the issue, as well as the steps that will be taken to solve it.

2. No Estimate
When you receive the bill, there shouldn’t be any surprises. Once the repairs are explained, you should receive an accurate quote. The reception area should include the methods of payment the shop accepts, as well as the labor rates.

3. Training
Look out for repair shops that display their mechanic’s training certifications. Especially if they make an effort to keep up with the latest trends, as well as earn new certifications.

4. Customer Last
There are certain things you don’t expect to see in an auto shop. It doesn’t need to be as clean as the dentist’s office, nor do you need a salesperson to offer you extreme customer service. However, the shop should look organized, and you should feel as though you are welcome. You want to work with someone who will answer questions and explain a process without making you feel like an inconvenience.

5. No Explanation
Once your vehicle has been repaired, the mechanic should be able to show you the parts that were replaced and the work that was done. It may be in before and after photos. Either way, a good mechanic will show their work and they will make it right if there are mistakes.

6. Pressure
If your mechanic puts you under pressure to get certain work done, then there is a good chance its work that doesn’t really need to be done. Or, they’ve hiked the price and want to push you into having it done before you can ask around. Bad mechanics often rely on pressure tactics to get you to agree to additional work.

7. No Warranty
A good mechanic will offer a warranty on the parts they provide and the services they offer. It’s usually 90 days, but you should always ensure you have it in writing.

You should have the phone number of a high-quality mechanic on hand. Before you run into problems, find someone you know you can trust. In addition to asking your friends and family for recommendations, you can read online reviews, and check with the Better Business Bureau as well. Of course, you’ll know how you feel about them when once you visit the shop in person.

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