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Freehold Tire is proud to offer only the finest in automotive, truck, and specialty tires!

At Freehold Tire Pros, we offer a large range of tires for the varying road conditions and needs of each of our customers. Choosing a new tire can be a difficult decision because there are many options depending on the type of tire, the road conditions, your budget, and the performance you want or need out of your tire.

A good baseline, if you are unsure which type of tire you are looking for, is to look at the tires you are currently driving with. Questions you will want to ask yourself about your current tires are: Have they met your needs while you have had them? Have they maintained proper performance throughout their life? Was the performance of your current tires poor in any specific areas? These are all important things to consider when considering changing your tires.

We ask a lot of our tires. They heavily impact turning, accelerating, braking, and overall ride comfort. Choosing the best tire for your vehicle can increase your fuel economy, reduce road noise, and give you an all around better ride.

All Season Tires

Most cars sold from dealerships are equipped with all-season radial tires. All-season radial tires do fairly well in all weather conditions, but do not perform exceptionally well in any one area. For instance, all-season tires will perform well on lightly snowy roads, but do not have the capabilities to perform as well on roads with heavier layers of snow or ice.

All-season tires are usually relatively quiet, allow you extended tire wear, and are predictable in most weather conditions. For budget minded consumers, an all-season tire is often the right choice for vehicles such as a subcompact, or compact cars which do not need high performance tires.

A term often used when describing the benefits of all-season tires is low rolling resistance. Fuel economy is important to many people and should be considered when choosing your next tire. Low rolling resistance tires offer better fuel economy and are very common on hybrids or electric vehicles. Although getting better fuel economy is great, some low rolling resistance tires are equipped with harder tread which will heavily increase economy, but also increase road noise.

Performance All-Season Tires

For cars with more horsepower and more responsive handling, a tire with performance in mind may be what you want in order to harness more of your car’s potential. Performance all-season tires will allow you more rigorous driving ability as well as better wet and dry breaking while sacrificing some snow traction. Looking at the all-season performance tire you will often notice a smaller sidewall and wider width than most all-season tires. If you are considering upgrading to performance all-season tires, larger rims may be beneficial for handling.

Touring All-Season Tires

If ride comfort, noise levels, and durability are your main concerns, a touring all-season tire may be a perfect fit for you and your vehicle. They sustain year round control while providing you with a smooth ride. Touring all-season tires sacrifice some of the dry weather handling, that the performance all-season tire is equipped with, but gains snow and ice handling capabilities.

Summer Tires

Summer tires, or three season tires, are intended for higher performance vehicles and come with higher speed ratings than you will see on your typical all-season tire. Summer tires use treads compounds that deliver exceptional grip and handling in warm and dry conditions. In exchange for superior grip and handling, summer tires typically wear down faster than all-season tires.

Summer tires are available in multiple grades to best match your needs, ranging from standard touring summer tires to extreme performance. A touring summer tire provides you with superior ride comfort as well as affordability, much like the all season tire. Performance summer tires, although they allow for more handling and performance capabilities, have a short life span.

Snow Tires/Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed with the most brutal conditions in mind. Snow or winter tires perform their best when temperatures are at or below freezing, or when there are ice and/or snow on the roads. Snow tires are not intended for year round use. When temperatures rise, the soft and flexible rubber compound breaks down faster than that of an all season, or summer tire does. Snow/winter tires are typically categorized into 3 classes: studless, premium studless, and studded.

Studless tires are made of high tech rubber compounds and unique tread patterns which remain flexible in colder temperatures. Premium studless tires absorb the slick layer of water to keep the tire connected to the ice or snow.
Studded snow/winter tires contain small pins, usually composed of metal which are used to deliver a better bite when driving conditions are snowy or icy. Although studded snow/winter tires deliver superior grip in ice or snow conditions, their use in New Jersey is restricted to November 15th through April 1st.

All-Terrain Tires

Most trucks or SUVs spend the majority of their time on the road, but require the ability to drive confidently on unpaved areas. All-terrain tires combine the on road suitability of all-season tires with the aggressiveness needed to conquer light to moderate off road challenges.

Off-Road Maximum Traction Tires

If you commonly take your vehicle off-road, an off-road maximum traction tire will allow your vehicle to reach its full off-road capabilities. They are designed for mostly off-road use and do not provide as comfortable or quiet of a ride as all-terrain tires.

At Freehold Tire Pros we offer a large variety of tires and tire services such as flat tire repair or calcium filling repair that will have you back on the road safely and comfortably. Please call us today for tire and any other automotive needs!

Freehold Tire can also provide the following for heavy trucks and agricultural equipment:

  • Truck Tire – New, Used, and Recap
  • Flat Repairs
  • Full Assortment of lawn and agricultural tires from Carlisle Tires
  • Calcium Filling and Repair
  • Daily Road Service

We are more than just conventional tires!

We also offer a full-line of custom wheels from American Racing. Tell us what you want, we can help!

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