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10 Top Tips for Tire Maintenance

Tires are literally the thing that keeps your car on the road. They’re relatively easy to maintain and are definitely a worthwhile investment in any new vehicle – if you’re in the market for a new car, make sure it has good tires! They’re worth the money, and if you take care of them properly, will last you for many, many years. Depending on the climate, you may also need two sets of tires – one for winter, and one for summer.

  • Check Tire Pressure Regularly – one of the best ways to prevent blowouts and to increase the longevity of your tires is to regularly check your tire pressure. You should be checking this every two to three weeks.
Close-Up Of Man Checking Car Tire Pressure With Gauge
  • Re-balance Your Tires Often – another key element to tires is balance – sometimes they become misaligned, particularly if they’re used over rough surfaces over a prolonged period of time. You should get a mechanic to re-balance your tires every 20,000-25,000 kilometers.
  • Check Your Tread Depth – making sure that your tire has sufficient tread depth could literally save your life. 3mm is usually the minimum recommended tread depth. Check your tires tread depth using a match – if the head of the match is showing, it’s time to consider a replacement. You can also get a local mechanic to do this.
  • Replacing valve caps – this might seem trivial, as valve caps often get lost in the day-to-day running of a vehicle. But it’s important that you replace any lost caps, as water can get into the valve stem, causing it to rust quickly and making inflation difficult or impossible.
  • Check your spare – it goes without saying that you should always have a spare tire. It’s very important that you check this tire for cracks in the rubber periodically, as exposure to the elements over time can cause failure.
  • Make sure they match – one of the things that might not occur to you is to ensure that all of your tires and their treads match. This isn’t just a fashion feature, having mismatched tires and/or treads can cause severe handling problems and make your vehicle unsafe.
  • Rotate your tires – it is recommended that you rotate your tires every six months. Depending on the climate, this may be done by coincidence as you change your set from summer to winter and vice versa. Rotating your tires will increase their lifespan.
  • Frequently inspect your tires – this should be done once a week at least, pay close attention not just to your tires, but to your rims and wheels too. Check your tires for cracks in the rubber and any foreign objects.
  • Hastily repair any damage – just because something doesn’t seem like a big deal, not repairing any damage to your tire can be disastrous on the road.
  • Remove foreign objects – if you find a foreign object in your tire, it is imperative that you remove it quickly. Even if it doesn’t seem like something that could do damage. A construction staple can cause a slow leak, which can cause a blowout at speed, which can be fatal.
  • No matter what your tire situation, their maintenance is as important as any other part of your vehicle. And given that your tires are what keeps your car on the road, it’s imperative that you take good care of them by performing regular preventative maintenance.

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