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Things You Need To Know About 4WD Tires

When it comes to driving off road or on road in your 4WD, having the right tires is imperative to both your safety and the effective operation of your car. Four wheel driving is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy everything New Jersey has to offer – and allows you to travel both off the beaten track and on major highways. However, if you’re driving with the wrong type of tires you could be left in a sticky situation – in all kinds of weather.

When it comes to choosing the tires for your 4WD, consider the following:

  • Speed rating – check your tire for a single letter, for example, F equals a maximum speed of 80 km/h; while Y equals a maximum speed of 300 km/h.
  • Load rating – the load rating, also written on the tire, will be between 90 and 132. 90 generally means a load rating of 600kg, while 132 equals 2000kg load.
  • Tread pattern – there are three basic tread patterns including road, all-terrain and mud tire.
  • Size – includes the overall diameter, width, and rim size.
  • There are a number of different types of 4WD tires that you might look at before setting off on your next adventure, depending on where you’re going and what your intentions are.

Mud and snow tires

Mud and snow tires are ideal if you’re heading out in the winter or on a rainy day. They have a specialized tread pattern that includes grooves on the outer edges to help with traction. These types of tires have 25% open tread pattern.

Highway terrain tires

If you’re heading out on the open road, highway terrain tires are ideal for bitumen and smooth surfaced roads. If you’ve just purchased a new four-wheel-drive, you’ll find that the tires on your vehicle are, most likely, highway to rain tires. Provided you’re not driving in harsh weather conditions, these tires will be sustainable for your adventures.

All terrain tires

a step up from highway to rain tires, all to rain tires a stronger and have a better tread which means these are ideal for traveling off-road as well as on road. All-terrain tires are stronger then highway to rain tires and can be noisier. They have a higher load rating, lower speed rating and are available in a variety of treads.

Light truck tires

If you drive a light truck, these tires are designed for all types of terrain. They have a tough resistance to punctures, can clear mud easily and they are durable.

Mud Terrain tires

Mud terrain tires are great for the true adventure seeker. If you love to get your four-wheel-drive down and dirty, these tires are designed to give you traction in the sticky situations. While you can also use them on the highway, they use a lot more fuel than other types mentioned above. You probably want to keep this type of tire, with its chunky tread pattern, for special occasions.

Whatever the weather, having the right tires on your vehicle is going to help keep you and your family safe. If you need advice on the right tires for your next outdoor adventure, give our team a call today.

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