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Vehicle Tune-Ups – Warning Signs & Why You Need One

It doesn’t matter how new (or old) your car is, provided you drive it enough it’s going to need to visit a mechanic for a tune-up. In the majority of cases, this is a visit after 10,000 miles (for older vehicles) or 25,000 miles (for newer vehicles).

Consult the manufacturer’s recommendation to learn the ideal tune-up schedule for your vehicle. By having this routine check-up, you avoid expensive repairs from small problems spiraling into major ones, your car is safer, less likely to break down, and it will last longer, too.

A typical tune-up includes the following:

Under the hood of the car
  • Air and fuel filter replacement (which will improve fuel economy)
  • Valve inspection (as well as replacement, if necessary)
  • Fuel induction service
  • Spark plug, spark plug wire, distributor cap, and oxygen sensor inspection (and replacement, if necessary)

The question is what are the warning signs that your vehicle needs a tune-up? Let’s take a look!

Ignition & Poor Gas Mileage

If you have trouble starting your vehicle, then there are a few possible problems. It might be the fuel pump, it could be the battery, but whatever it is, a tune-up will help identify the problem you’re dealing with.

If your mileage isn’t working as hard for you as it once was it’s a sign that your care is burning fuel incorrectly. This could be a fuel injection or spark plug problem.

Stalling & Unusual Noises

Does your vehicle stall often? If so, it could be an issue with connectors or spark plugs. You can help your mechanic identify the issue by paying attention to when it happens. Is it when it’s hot? Cold? Is your heater or AC on? All of this is information that will help guide mechanics to the underlying issue.

If you hear a knocking sound while you’re moving uphill or accelerating, then there’s a good chance you’re dealing with engine problems. If the problem is with loud acceleration or idling, then it might be a spark plug problem. Either way, a tune-up will help find the issue.

Lights, Acceleration, Vibration

If the lights on your dashboard come on, then this is a good indication that your vehicle needs assistance. Likewise, if your car struggles to get going from a red light, it’s a good indication that you have an underlying issue to deal with. An acceleration problem is one that progresses over time, the changes are so slight that you don’t notice them until this point.

If your steering wheel is vibrating, then you have a problem (unless you’re off rough or driving on a rough road). If the frame of your vehicle is vibrating, then you still have a problem. In either case, a tune-up is in order.

Misfiring Engine

When your engine is misfiring it’s likely a cylinder issue. Your cylinders fail to fire properly which can result in a shaking sensation and/or a loss of power. The more misfiring cylinders you have, the more likely you are to experience breakdowns. It’s a serious issue that may be caused by a fuel system problem, an engine defect, or a faulty ignition.

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