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Signs Your Car Engine Needs Attention

Just like your health needs to be looked after, so does your car engine. There are many signs that your engine may be in need of attention and the quicker you react to them the easier and cheaper repairs will be. If your car is doing any of the following it’s time to take it into the mechanic for a checkup.

Strange Sounds or Movements

Stalling: You should be able to rely on your vehicle to get you where you’re going once you’ve started the engine. However, if it stalls, despite the fact that your tank is full, then your engine isn’t receiving what it needs to start.

Jerking: Your drive should be smooth and easy, so if your car is jerking you have a problem. It’s a clear indication that you have engine problems, and that could be down to the fuel filter, fuel lines, or a variety of other issues, which is why it’s best to see the mechanic.

Pops, taps, grinding, and creaks aren’t normal sounds for a car to make, so if yours is talking to you while you drive it’s a sign of deeper issues. A pop or a tap could be due to premature igniting in the cylinders while grinding is more complex. If it grinds when you’re starting then it could be the starter motor, but if it’s when you’re shifting it may be the transmission. Know what your car sounds like at its best, so you pick up on strange noises immediately.

Hard Starts: If it takes several attempts to get your car started then it’s time to head to the mechanic.

Smells & Smoke

Foul Odors: If you’re smelling something that you don’t normally it could be a sign of leaking coolant or oil or even the exhaust leaking into your car. Don’t ignore it, this can have serious ramifications for your health. If it’s burning rubber that you smell it could be a belt, or a hose touching part of the engine that it shouldn’t be.

Blue Smoke: If you spot blue smoke then it is escaping and being burned like fuel. Don’t ignore it.

White Smoke:
White smoke is indicative of a mixing of coolants and fluids and while adding more fluids to the cooling system will prevent overheating, it can lead to more serious issues if you don’t have a mechanic check it out. If the white smoke is coming from the hood then you probably missed the point it was coming from the tailpipe and now your car is overheating.

Other Important Signs

The Warning Lights Are On: This should be a no-brainer, if your dashboard is blinking a warning at you don’t just ignore it, act fast!

Vibrating: If your car starts vibrating and you’re not in an off-road situation then there’s a flag on the play. Whether it’s through the vehicle, only at certain speeds, or you only feel it in the steering wheel – it could be an indication of a variety of issues, all of which are fairly serious.

Sluggish Acceleration: When you’re trying to merge on the freeway the last thing you want your car to do is to struggle while accelerating. It puts you (and other cars on the road) at risk.

Give us a call today if you want to have your car checked.

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