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Reasons To Service Your Car Air-Conditioning Before Summer Hits

Summer is on the way and for many, it’s set to be a scorcher. So, it only makes sense that you would do a bit of maintenance around the appliances that help keep you cool. Don’t forget your car’s air conditioner! There’s nothing worse than arriving to work drenched in sweat as the mercury is already soaring.

When you look at the standard service, air conditioning isn’t always included. So, it’s the most likely part of your vehicle to miss out when you visit a mechanic. It’s considered best practice to have your AC fully serviced once a year. This is recommended for spring before the heat really begins. There are a number of reasons why. So, let’s take a look at the many reasons you should service your air-con before the arrival of summer.

Maintaining Your Air-Con

  • Your Health
  • All types of fungus and bacteria can grow in your vehicle’s air-con system. So, if you suffer from allergies or you have asthma, it’s particularly important that you deal with this. You may also want to consider the health of your children or people who ride with you. The presence of mold in your home can contribute to respiratory issues. Well, it can do the same in your vehicle.

  • The Smell
  • Have you ever noticed a funky smell when you get in your car during the summer? You might think it’s strange, but it’s more common than you realize. Where does it come from? It’s commonly for mildew to develop when moisture is still in the air vents. You have two options to deal with this. When you clean your car make sure you get the air vents. The second is to blast defrost for a few minutes before you put the air-con on. That should prevent mildew by clearing out excess moisture. What isn’t an option is the annual service – that’s going to help your air-con stay on track.

  • It Isn’t Just For Summer
  • Your air-con isn’t just for summer. Yes, it has a primary task, which is to keep you cool. However, it also helps you manage humidity levels. Which comes in handy during winter as you often need it to help clear your windshield. When you use it all year you are preventing it from overloading on the first day of summer. It also makes sense that when you use it so often, you take time to have it serviced before you really need it.

    Remember, air-con doesn’t just blow cold air. It removes all the hot air first. To do this job effectively it relies on many of your vehicle’s components to do so. Your air-con relies on the compressor, the evaporator, and the condenser. All of these will experience wear and tear and can impact how efficiently your air-con runs. When you consider the many working parts that contribute to your air-con, it’s easier to understand just how important it is to have yours regularly serviced. So, before your hot weather arrives, make sure you have yours checked over.

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