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Prepping Your Tires for Christmas Season

It’s December and that means winter is here and snow might be soon arriving in your postal code. Whether you’re a seasoned driver, or someone who just got their full license a month ago, winter brings with it a whole new array of driving challenges and your decision-making skill as a driver will be pushed to it’s limits. To help you drive in the winter, you’ll need to get yourself some winter tires for your vehicle. Here are some tips on prepping those tires for your vehicle.

Where do I Buy My Winter Tires?

Buying winter tires is not an inexpensive endeavor. You can buy winter tires just about anywhere, online or offline. While some websites offer great prices, we recommend buying brand new, as the risk of an accident happening in the winter is much higher.

Winter Car tires with snow
And if you buy brand new, you can rest assured of the condition and quality of the tires, which might save the life of yourself and other people, someday.

When Do I Install My Winter Tires?

It is recommended, depending on where you live, that you install your winter tires at least by the end of the November and you should definitely have them on by the middle of December. You know what the weather tends to be like where you live, go by that — if you get snow in the middle of November, then you should be installing your winter tires during the first week, if it doesn’t snow till later in the year, then install them before the middle of December. You do NOT want to be on the road in snow or freezing temperatures and not have winter tires on.

How Much Do They Cost?

This will depend on your vehicle, and your mechanic, but generally, you’re looking at around $100-$150/axle for a passenger car and $200-$400 per axle for a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, not including the cost of winter tire rims, which are usually around $65.00 – these are optional, but significantly increase the longevity of your original rims. All-told, you’re looking around anywhere between $700 and $1400 for the whole thing. So, they are expensive, yes, but if you’re talking about your life, it pales in comparison.

What About All-Season Tires?

Again, this largely depends on where you live and the severity of your winters — all-seasons may be good for you if you experience very little of ‘proper’ winter conditions — a little cold here and there, maybe a dusting of snow, but nothing serious… However, if you live in a place that gets any kind of significant, consistent snowfalls, or experiences significant, consistently cold temperatures, then all-season tires become three-season tires and you will definitely want to get winter tires!

Driving in the winter can be scary, the days are shorter, there is a greater amount of unpredictability, but if you take the step of getting your winter tires installed on your vehicle, you can sleep a little easier and drive a little easier knowing that you have an extra layer of protection between you and a potential accident.

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