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Tips For Getting Your Car & Tires Ready For Winter

Winter is coming…

Unless you want to be White Walking around with all the John Snow expected this winter, you need to make sure your Iron Throne is ready.

When fall is coming to an end, you need to ensure your ride is ready for snowy streets and colder climes. Cold, wet, and snowy weather mean the possibility of some pretty scary driving conditions, such as sliding, skidding, and hydroplaning. So, you are going to want your tires to have as much grip and traction as possible on the road. If you aren’t sure how to get your car prepared for winter, here is a checklist of things you need to look at for safely traveling on wet, white, or icy roads.

Your Tires

Snow tires: Replace your summer tires with snow tires which have been specifically designed for driving in winter. Ensure that your summer tires are stored correctly during winter, and vice versa with your winter tires in summer, so they are both ready for the next season.

Tire Pressure: Colder air causes the pressure in your tires to drop significantly. Checking tire pressure at least once per week and certainly before any long drives are both good rules to follow, but you should probably increase the frequency of your checks as the temperature drops.

Tread Wear: Your tires should always grip the road well, even under slick conditions of rain, ice, and snow. While you can check your tire tread using a penny, a full inspection of all 5 tires is recommended before driving in harsh weather conditions.

Battery Life

A dead battery in the dead of winter has the potential to quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. So, you should get your battery checked by a service shop or a mechanic to ensure it will be able to last until the cold weather dies down. If it doesn’t look likely, you’ll need to replace it with a brand-new battery.

Windshield Wipers

To avoid your windshield icing over, you need to replace your wiper fluid with some that is anti-icing. It helps de-ice your windshield so that you are able to maintain the best visibility possible during conditions of ice and snow. You should also take the time to check your spray nozzles are pointed in the right direction and functioning properly.

Emergency Kit

Make sure that your emergency roadside kit is complete and functioning properly. Replace all of the batteries with new ones and check that the flashlights work.

Rotation & Alignment

Regular tire rotations are suggested all year-round, but especially before the winter months. This allows tires to wear as evenly as possible, which allows for generalized stability on wet roads. And when your wheel alignment is unbalanced, your tires lose grip which makes steering difficult or sometimes impossible, especially on wet roads or at high speeds. To decrease the possibility of an accident, your wheel alignment should be checked periodically throughout the year, especially before driving in wet or icy conditions. Having a wheel alignment and tire rotation done before the cold weather hits is the best way to make sure that you have control over your steering and grip.

If you want to ensure your tires and car are ready for winter, get in touch today!

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