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What Makes A Great Mechanic & How To Find One

There are plenty of people out there who avoid going to mechanics, even if the car just needs servicing or there’s some other problem with it. That’s because many of these people were unfortunate enough to have had a negative experience with one of those backyard cowboys. Usually, these people are worried that all mechanics will rip them off by confusing them with technical jargon, or they’ll have to keep coming back and repairing expensive “problems” every time their vehicle goes up on a hoist.

So, while price should always be an important consideration, it’s just as necessary that you find the most experienced, honest, professional, and understanding mechanic to work on your ride for you. With that in mind, below is everything that makes a great mechanic which should help you find an auto repair shop that always has your back.t

how to find a great mechanic


The best auto mechanics should always have a strong work ethic, which means they’ll always go the extra mile to ensure all known issues have been repaired. Because they should also have superior attention to detail, the best mechanics will provide an honest opinion and assessment regarding any other problems they notice.


One of the most important things that all the highest quality mechanics should have is communication skills. Good mechanics will always make you feel more comfortable by taking the time to explain the problem and ensuring you clearly understand any technical issues. By communicating any complex technical jargon clearly in simple terms, you will also understand what is needed to fix your car before agreeing to move forward.


The most trustworthy mechanics won’t make changes to their prices after they’ve been quoted unless it’s to make it cheaper for you. They’ll also be completely upfront regarding the anticipated time frame for repair or service. Good mechanics are also well aware of any limitations, so they’ll always be upfront about it so they can recommend another reliable and trusted automotive company to help you.


Mechanics should always treat each customer like their number one priority. That means any concerns you may have are always valid, so you should never feel intimidated when asking them questions. Because auto staff should offer to patiently explain any diagnosing procedures to you as well as the repair process description in layman’s terms, you should always feel good about working with your mechanic.


While most cars have similar fundamental parts, any good mechanic will have extensive knowledge of the difference between each brand, make, and model of car. Mechanics should understand better than most just how expensive some car repairs can be, which is why they know the main concern for most people is that their car runs well and the possibility of expensive future repairs is prevented wherever possible.

The Last Word

While it can sometimes be a difficult process to find a reliable expert auto mechanic, it’s worth it in the end. Because car ownership will become so much easier without being worried, stressed, and overwhelmed by auto repairs and maintenance.

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