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Fuel-Injection Service – What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Is your car slugging? Does it lack power when you accelerate? Have you noticed a dip in fuel economy? All of these indicate that there may be carbon build-up in your fuel system. As you put miles on your vehicle, carbon deposits build-up in your fuel injectors from burning gas. A fuel injection service flushes all of that from your system.

What a Fuel Injection Service Looks Like

  • We can pour a fuel-injector chemical directly into the fuel tank. This will improve the driveability and power behind your car.
  • For a stronger clean, there’s a chemical that will take care of the fuel injectors and rails.
  • Finally, the preferred method, The tips of the fuel injector are immersed in a bath of ultrasonic cleaner while an injector flow runs. This is the most effective method and is a deeper clean. It allows us to observe the spray of the fuel injector, as well as perform a flow test both before and after the clean. However, when we perform this method we remove the fuel injectors from the engine.

The Benefits of A Fuel Injection Service


A fuel-injection service ensures that the individual components (valves, injectors, and rings) are well-lubricated. This helps keep your engine functioning properly. Moreover, it reduces the risk of corrosion in the fuel system which frequently results in engine issues.

You will also notice a difference in how your car drives.


When your engine combusts properly, it reduces the risk of polluting the environment. You’re not going to produce the same emissions you would as you do when there’s a carbon build-up. We can all do our part for the environment.


You’re going to get more mileage for your money when your fuel system is clean. The bonus isn’t just fuel efficiency, it’s going to save you money.


The durability of your engine and the car itself.

If your fuel system is clogged, then your engine is being forced to work harder. When it’s clean, you’ll notice an improvement in how your car accelerates and handles.

A system that is well-lubricated is going to result in less wear and tear as you add miles to your car. In addition to a fuel injection service, you should have your vehicle serviced regularly.

Do I Need a Fuel Injection Service?

  • Do you drive a gasoline-powered vehicle?
  • Have you put 60,000 miles on your car?
  • Is your vehicle sluggish?
  • Does your vehicle lack oomph when you accelerate?
  • Has there been a drop in fuel economy?
  • Have you noticed a change in fuel odor?
  • Are your exhaust fumes suddenly darker, thicker or smellier than before?
  • Has your vehicle been stalling more often and for no discernible reason?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then yes, you need a fuel injection service.

Get in touch to schedule yours.

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