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What Is A Front End Inspection & Why Should I Get One On My Car?

You might have heard of a front end inspection, but you’re not quite sure what it entails, so we wanted to help guide you. Firstly, a front end inspection is a fairly straightforward process – if you’re a mechanic, of course and something you need to consider if you own a car.

What happens during front end inspection?

Basically, your car will be placed on the vehicle lift and raised so your mechanic can get a clear and detailed view of what’s going on in the front end of your vehicle. The technician will make a note of any components that are either damaged, worn, wearing, or beyond their service limit. Unfortunately, many of these parts wear at the same rate and do so together, so you may find that you will need to have several parts replaced all at once.

Your mechanic will then remove the damaged or worn components and parts (there will be tools involved here as that’s the most efficient way to remove those stubborn bolts) and then replace them with new parts. You will likely see (if you stick around to watch) that they use torque wrenches when tightening your parts in place. This will ensure they keep you safe when you hit the road.

The time this takes will be entirely dependent on how much damage is found in your front end (and how busy your mechanic is). It could be just a few hours for a full part replacement, just be sure to ask your mechanic how long they expect it to take. That way you can go about your day if you have other events on.

One the new parts are installed the mechanic will complete a front end alignment. Consider how many pieces and parts have been removed and replaced in the process of replacing parts and it makes sense to imagine that it has entirely thrown your alignment out of whack. There are control arms, tie rods, and ball joints all affecting the alignment of your vehicle, so this is essentially the final stage of the process and what will make your car road safe.

Making Front End Repairs

If you ever feel as though your car is out of control you should visit your local mechanic to have a front end inspection taken care of. They can start with the visual inspection before getting into the nitty-gritty and replacing the right parts.

There are more reasons than just this, though.

Why You Might Need A Front End Inspection

If the components of your vehicle’s front end are damaged (or even just worn) then your vehicle may struggle to track properly on the road. This is going to leave you feeling every single divot and bump on the road, which of course, means that your car will be difficult to steer and will sway. The good news is that an inspection will reveal any issues and allow the mechanic to make the necessary repairs and replacements to leave your car driving like new. You may also require a full alignment to keep your wheels tracking straight.

If you’re having issues with the evaporator or condenser then you may find there is an issue with your air conditioner, which your mechanic will discover in a front end inspection.

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