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FAQs When Buying New Tires For Your Motorbike

If you are in the market for new motorbike tires, you’re probably wondering how you can choose the right tire for your motorbike?

The most appropriate way to do so is to check your owner’s manual and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Tire manufacturers provide a list of tires that are approved for particular models. You’ll find the type and size of the original tires in the manual and it may also list alternative options. So, always follow the advice of the manufacturers.

Here are some of the most common FAQs we get asked for people who are buying new tires:

How long do tires last?
This depends on a variety of factors including storage, loads, inflation pressure, driving conditions, maintenance, and abuse. It’s impossible to indicate an accurate service life when it comes to tires.

Why are patterns reversed sometimes?
Tires have an arrow on the sidewall to indicate which direction they should be mounted in. Sometimes there are reversed patterns to provide improved performance, particularly in wet conditions.

How can I prevent cupping?
This is common for all vehicles and in a traditional vehicle tire rotation is recommended to prevent wear and tear. That isn’t possible with a motorbike as the tires are not interchangeable. The most effective way to prevent cupping for motorbikes is by maintaining the suspension and avoiding hard braking. Ensure your tire pressure is maintained because under-inflated tires can cause cupping.

How much run-in do my new tires need?
You should attempt to ride around 100 miles before we take corners hard or attempt to kick your bike up to its maximum power. Your new tires are stiffer and had a different profile so it will take time for you to get used to how they feel in comparison to your previous tires.

Can I use wider tires?
It is possible, but you should always check the manufacturer guidelines before making any decisions. You have to consider the handling, stability, rims, and clearance. Generally, one size up is the maximum that the manufacturer recommends.

Can I use a car tire?
No, not only are the tires different but so are the rims. It is impossible to safely fit a car tire to a motorcycle rim. Motorcycle tires have been specifically designed with a tread that can handle the lean when taking corners. A car tire won’t be able to handle that.

Can I use a front tire on the rear?
No, and you can’t use a rear tire on the front either. They are designed to work together and have different applications when it comes to braking and steering, so they are specifically made for their position.

What about the valve stem?
When you change your tires a new valve stem should be installed, too.

When should I check the tires?
If you are going on long rides then you should check your tires daily, otherwise once a week should be sufficient. So, don’t just check the pressure, also do a visual inspection to check for damage.

We hope this helps! If you need further advice, give us a call and make an appointment today.

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