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Car Care During Coronavirus

With the coronavirus has come a lot of uncertainty and as we’re forced into our homes and off the street, taking care of our cars might not seem a priority. But even if you aren’t using your car as much, it’s still imperative that you take care of it. Particularly if you need to use them again when this is all over and life returns to normal. There are many basic car care tasks that you can do yourself, but you might be wondering what’s considered essential – versus optional. Here’s our response to some of the questions we’re being asked at the moment.

If I don’t drive, will my car battery die?

Essentially, yes. If you don’t start your car for two weeks, your battery may die. But you can stop this from occurring. Although we might be stuck at home, you can still head down the driveway and start your car. Let it run for five or ten minutes or take it for a quick drive around the block (if you’re permitted). Make sure you have the garage doors open if its indoors. Do this once a week and your battery should last.

Does gas go bad?

It does, but it takes a while. It could be anything from a month to six months – if you have a full tank of fuel. If you have concerns, you can purchase a fuel stabilizer which extends the life of your gas up to two years.

Do I still need to change my oil?

Yes. If you don’t drive your car, the oil will deteriorate. So, if you have an oil change due while you’re in isolation, go ahead with it if you can.

Will my brakes go rusty?

If your car is parked outside, exposed to the elements, yes, the brakes may rust. Taking your car for short drive each week will help prevent this from occurring.

Will my tires go flat?

If your tires go flat often generally, then yes, they will. And your tires will naturally lose a little air, but if you have good quality tires, it should be minimal and have little impact.

If I do have to drive, will the AAA still help if anything goes wrong?

Yes. AAA continues to provide roadside service during the pandemic. If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to call them.

How can I keep my car in good shape?

Washing your car is a good way to keep the exterior clean and protect the paint. Handwashing is the best choice, and if you use a soft carwash soap and sponge, you’ll prevent scratches. You might also consider cleaning the inside of your car to ensure there is no build-up of dust (and to get rid of any germs that might be lurking).

If you do need to get your car serviced urgently for work purposes, or you need further advice or assistance, we’re still operating for essential services. So just get in touch with our team today and discuss the options available.

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