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Oil change in the car

Don’t Make These Car Care Mistakes

When oil gets old and grimy it can’t effectively lubricate the engine which can lead to overheating. Keeping on top of your oil checks and changes will help you avoid a major car care mistake and extend its longevity. You might think you are saving money, but the repairs as a result of ignoring oil…

Special engineering inspection

5 Easy DIY Car Repairs

Some require different size blades, and others have rear wipers as well. Remove the old blades via the sliding clasp or button mechanism and follow the instructions provided on your replacement wipers to install them. Exchange Battery Car batteries always seem to die at the worst possible moment. All you need is a basic set…

tire being replaced

How To Buy The Best Car Tires

Fitting the incorrect tires can cause shifting problems, change speedometer readings, and have an adverse effect on how your car handles. So when you need to replace them, don’t assume the sidewall details of your current tires are the right size. You can find out the factory specs and appropriate size of your vehicle‘s original…

flat tire on a car

How To Fix A Flat Tire

Sharp objects, bad road conditions, valve stem leakage, bead area leak, incorrect tire inflammation, and damaged rims are some of the causes of a flat tire. Space savers or spares can only get you through short distances at low speeds. You need to avoid using a space saver on a trail or dirt road if…

Close-Up Of Man Checking Car Tire Pressure With Gauge

10 Top Tips for Tire Maintenance

Re-balance Your Tires Often – another key element to tires is balance – sometimes they become misaligned, particularly if they’re used over rough surfaces over a prolonged period of time. You should get a mechanic to re-balance your tires every 20,000-25,000 kilometers. Check Your Tread Depth – making sure that your tire has sufficient tread…