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How To Buy The Best Car Tires

Tires… those four rubber radials are easily the most important safety feature of your car. They provide traction and allow steering, which keeps you on the road headed in the right direction no matter what the weather conditions are. This is why it’s so surprising that so many people choose their car tires based solely on the price.

While they might all look the same, not all tires have been created equal. Sure, they’re all made of rubber, and being round is probably pretty important. But there are different tire ratings, brand names, and tread designs. So how do you tell the good tires from the bad? And which tires are best for your car?

Check The Vehicle Manufacturer’s Tire Specifications

tire being replaced

Fitting the incorrect tires can cause shifting problems, change speedometer readings, and have an adverse effect on how your car handles. So when you need to replace them, don’t assume the sidewall details of your current tires are the right size. You can find out the factory specs and appropriate size of your vehicle‘s original tires either on the driver’s door pillar or in your owner’s manual. And don’t let someone talk into buying a more expensive but wrong size tire. If they don’t have the original manufacturer’s recommended tire in stock, ask them to order it in or find somewhere else who can.

Upgrade Your Tires If You Want

If you’re happy with replacing your tires with equivalent ones to the OEM specs, you’re good to go. But what about if you don’t like the ride characteristics of your car? The good news is that you don’t have to buy the same tires recommended by the manufacturer. You can go for similar size tires with a higher performance rating that will still fit on your current wheels, or you can splurge and get a new set of wheels with wider and lower profile tires. If you want to upgrade your tires and change the way your car looks and handles, you’ll just need to do some more research. And possibly open your wallet a little wider too.

Consider The Season & Your Driving Style

Regardless of whether you’re getting standard tires or going for an upgrade, there are also options to consider regarding the type of tires to purchase. There’s a number of different tire types which are based on things like road terrain, driving style, and temperature resistance. Choosing the best tires for your car will largely depend on where you’re driving, what the season is, and suit your driving. This means that the best type of tires for you driving your vehicle might not be the best type of tires for someone else driving your vehicle.

Always Maintain Your Tires

Nothing lasts forever, especially rubber tires on bitumen roads. So once you’ve chosen your new tires and they’re looking sweet, you need to look after them. Maximize the mileage of your tires with regular maintenance and by always driving responsibly. You should always check your tires for correct pressure, uneven wear, tread punctures, and sidewall damage.


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