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5 Ways to Tell if Your Tires Need Replacing

There are a few important parts on your car. The engine, the breaks, the lights, even the windshield wipers. But one part, or parts, often get over looked until it is time to get them replaced. The tires. As well as keeping your car gripped to the road, they actually affect many other parts of your cars performance. A reduction in performance is one way you can tell if your tires need replacing. Here are some others.

Lose pressure

Old and worn tires can lose their pressure quickly. This is dangerous for everyday use, as low tire pressure can result in a blowout. Even at a low speed, this can be a serious issue, causing you to lose control of your car. If you find that you are topping up the air pressure regularly, it is probably time to get them looked at by a professional. They could either have a slow puncture, or the rubber could be worn. Wither way, low tire pressure is a danger for you and other road users.

Fuel usage

If you find yourself spending more on fuel than usual, it could be a sign that your tires need replacing. Low tire pressure means more friction between the rubber and the road, which makes your engine work harder to do the same amount of work. Get your fuel spending under control by having your tires checked and replaced.


Tires are the things that keep you on the road. In peak condition, they will help you drive through any conditions safely, however if they are worn down, their effectiveness is greatly reduced. Driving on worn tires can lead to accidents, especially on windy roads or in wet conditions. Controlling a tonne of metal with insufficient grip is almost impossible, so if you are having handling issues, get your tires checked.


Your car will have an annual inspection from a mechanic, who will tell you if your tires are in good condition. They will also let you know if your tires are ok for a few more miles. But if they do not replace your tires, it is up to you to keep your eye on them to make sure their condition does not deteriorate too much. Using a coin, or a tire gauge it is good practice to visually inspect your tires at least once a month, making sure there is enough tread, and there are no areas of damage. Doing this will make your car safer, giving you confidence.

Poor breaking

Your tires have a direct impact on how well your car breaks. Even the most careful driver can have the need to use the breaks in an emergency, and tires with good tread will perform much better under heavy breaking. If you find that your stopping distances are getting longer, you should get your breaks and your tires checked.
If you are in any doubt as to whether your tires need replacing, you should contact a mechanic or tire specialist to take a look and assess them.

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